Run Less Run Faster

I picked this book up after reading about it on No Meat Athlete.  After a few random searches it seems quite a few people have tried the program with decent (and some really awesome) results.  Since my usual plan was essentially "go outside, run, repeat"  I was interested to try something with structure and purpose.

Each week consists of the "3 plus 2" program:

  • 3 quality runs - track repeats (or in my case treadmill repeats), a tempo run and a long run.
  • 2 aerobic cross training workouts, swimming or cycling are recommended, to help endurance while resting the running muscles

My training plan overview is here.   The second long run is not in the book but I have back-to-backs coming up.  I'm likely not getting the cross training quite right, but that's okay for now.   My race schedule interrupts the 16 week plan so I have split it into 6 weeks to start then another portion of 5 weeks.  After that I will decide if I want to start the marathon version of the training program in May.  That will be based more on how I feel at the end though it will be interesting to see race results after being on the program for 6 or 7 weeks.

An unexpected side effect of the plan is that it's got me really motivated to do each run and hammer out the paces in the book.  Maybe because it's all broken down into pieces so I can focus on each one at a time.

Total kms for last week in the 3 core runs = 30.


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