Cize with Sparkle, Virgin and Medals

It's Thursday!  This week has been looooong.  It's time for me to download my brain, you're welcome!  Read Amanda's linkup post to find out what I'm going on about.

Okay, let's start with a weight loss update - down 0.8 lbs this week putting me at 133.4.  I am at my 2014 Pgh Marathon weight right now and the only way is down (I hope).

Purple, I'm purple

Last week I started doubling up on Thursday fitness by adding an evening Cize class.  My Scottish friend Pam (Sparkle Fitness) instructs over at the hall 10 mins from my house so I'm pretty excited about that.  I met her when she filled in at our work Zumba class.  We both worked on the railway when we lived in Scotland, but for rival companies.  Small world!  She emigrated to Canada as well and now teaches these very fun fitness classes, I admire her so much for following her passion.

On that note, this is one of the few pictures from my Virgin Trains era I can currently find, and by find I mean someone else posted on FB.  I look a bit stunned.  This was probably the one job I've had that didn't really feel like a job.  Virgin was a phenomenal company to work for.

I'm very excited to see the Rock n Roll medals for San Diego and Seattle which have not yet been released.

In other medal news, check out Rock n Roll Liverpool!  This race is definitely on my to do list, with the bonus of fitting in visits to family at the same time.  Despite living in Scotland for 20 something years of my life, I have never been to Liverpool.


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