Focus on Pittsburgh, Game On!

I've had a few crappy runs lately, maybe 2 weeks worth to be honest.  I'm trying to refocus on my marathon and pull things back together since my first 30k training run is coming up on Saturday. As a happy coincidence the Pittsburgh Marathon sent us out these awesome runner kits. Hurrah!  Qualifying worked on a points system but in all honesty I did not expect them to include Canada.  I love this race.

This is going to be the first ever marathon course I've repeated. Typically I don't even like to drive courses before a race. It's Pittsburgh, so it's special. From experience I can come up with an actual strategy based on the actual course.  I'm very visual so this is much easier than trying to work from an online map or elevation chart.  BUT I'll save that for nearer race day.

I happen to sorta love the Eat n Park, it was one of the first places we found on our first trip to Pittsburgh in 2002, we used to eat there after all the Pens games.  I could take or leave Primanti's (the horror).  I am beyond thrilled they supply their signature smiley cookies at the finish line of this race - yes I know it's just food, don't you know me by now?  FYI it is a really big cookie, not a small medal.

Sometimes training plain sucks, but it will absolutely be worth it.  Just ask me on race day!


  1. I love that races send out a kit before the race. Great motivation. Good luck with your big run this weekend.


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