The Cat, a Diet and My Bra

I need somewhere to download all the random crap in my brain every week.  And here it is!  Read Amanda's linkup post and you'll see why Thinking Out Loud fits for me.  Usually I try to tie random topics together, fail, then end up deleting most of them but now I have an excuse to be messy then hit publish anyway.

Jack our problem furball has had a paw infection for the last 2 weeks, it's finally looking better. Getting a pill into him has been interesting, we started by forcing it into a treat, then crushing it into butter which we smeared on his paw forcing him to clean it off (thanks Keith for the suggestion.)  We moved on to putting it into his mouth causing a fiesta of foaming kitty. Now we are sitting him on the sofa and dropping it into his face mid meow.  Victory.  This is my life.

With 2 months to go until the Pittsburgh Marathon I admit I've gained some stealth weight (6 lbs actually). Last time I ran this race at 133 lbs, this time I'm aiming for 128. I found a basic app to track weight loss so I don't 'forget' and inadvertently eat all the donuts.  8 weeks to go....

I am trying a cleanse right now, since it's only the start of day 4 (of 7) I'll wait to post my thoughts.

I've been slipping a rib out for months now which really messes up my breathing while running and I've been visiting the chiro A LOT. I finally figured out the problem - my bra. Good lord. I usually wear C but the D fitted better on the last shopping trip. So evidently VS upholster the thing with scaffolding and it's been digging into my ribs. Back to C and less underwiring means the problem has gone. I'm finding this all a bit ridiculous.

Photo credit: Holly Rilinger Fitness

A while back I found Workout New York, a reality show following elite fitness trainers. It's a bit crazy with drama and shouting (on a reality show, imagine) but I absolutely loved the parts with Holly Rilinger, she is amazing. I have a major crush on this lady. We really need to have a second season folks at Bravo.


  1. That's crazy that a wrongly fitted bra can cause so much damage! Never knew that was possible, hope you feel better!

    1. It seems ridiculous right?! All good now so I'm just happy to have finally figured it out :)


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