What My Training Looks Like

I've been marathon training for a while, for Las Vegas in Nov, Arizona in Jan and now Pittsburgh on May 1.  After that I have Seattle on June 18 and we're done for road marathons this year.  I think it will create a good base to then move on with mountain/trails/elevation and 'time on feet' based training for Lost Soul in September.  I'm looking forward to the 100k because it seems entirely ridiculous and impossible.

For the marathon a typical training week has 3 core runs (speed, hills or tempo, and long distance), 2 strength days and cross training.  This is based on Run Less Run Faster which I've found has worked really well for me, especially since I prefer to change things up with fitness rather than running 6 days a week.  On the schedule right now is Cize because dancing is so much fun.  FYI the book recommends cycling and swimming.  There have been good runs and really awful runs and there's still a few more to go, probably of both varieties.

This training is very pace specific so after June it will be (dare I say) fun to move to a looser plan running by feel and time.  I also want to keep running at lunch from work as that's making a big difference to my mental state.  I like running hills, it's a thing.

Here's my upcoming race list:

Pittsburgh Marathon  -  May 1
Calgary Half  - May 29
San Diego RnR Half  - June 5
Seattle RnR Marathon  - June 18

After those Lost Soul 100k is on Sept 9/10 and I have no idea if I'll be in a fit state to do these next races:

Vancouver RnR Half  - Oct 23
Las Vegas RnR Half  - Nov 13


I'm linking up with Kris at Canadian Girl Runs today for Fitness Friday!


  1. I'm with you on only running 3 days a week. It keeps me from getting too burnt out on running and still allows me to do other workouts that I enjoy :)

    1. I'm finding that works pretty well too, this has to be fun right?!

  2. You crack me up. I love the "it seems ridiculous and impossible." You got this! Good job on the training!

    1. It totally is! :D I question this decision on most of my long runs.


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