Shoe Hoarding, a Cleanse and More TV

It's Thursday already!  I'm off work every second Friday so today is a really good day.  Welcome to the second instalment of 'random crap in my brain', good thing Amanda is better with the concept than I am.  Read her linkup post and you'll see why Thinking Out Loud fits for me.

The cleanse.  I feel good but whether it's a result of that or eating better all week I'm not sure (both?) The Bodylogix off-the-shelf plan consisted of 4 liquid shots (twice daily first 2 days) and 5 pills twice a day for all 7 days. I skipped my long run on Saturday, I was just too tired from being up several times a night all week. It definitely got me moving on weight loss and helped me get cravings and portions under control so I'm calling it a win.

On that note, weight loss progress week 1 = down 2.2 lbs.  Excellent start.  I'll take it.  Now to continue doing the little things and keep it going.  I definitely feel better, my jeans feel better.  My body actually feels like it belongs to me.

Thanks to great deals from Alaska Airlines and Westjet we've ended up booking San Diego, Seattle and Vancouver flights in the last month. It seems wrong to wait and potentially pay a bunch more later in the year so I'm dealing with a scary credit card balance for a little while.  Meh, racecations what can you do.  I love these trips.

I've been watching more reality TV, Fit to Fat to Fit. Trainers gain 30-60 lbs over 4 months then lose weight with their clients. It's kind of awful to watch but also very interesting to see the impact on body and mind of eating junk. In case you need a reminder (and I frequently do) that shit is no good.

Confession - I am hoarding Brooks Pure Connects. Having found these last year, my absolutely perfect shoes, they are now being discontinued. Is 8 pairs enough??  IS IT?  If anyone would like to give me some perspective and let me know how many shoes you've hoarded that would be awesome!


  1. That is so exciting about doing all of the RnR races. I'm an ambassador this year so I'm trying to figure out which ones I want to do as well.

    I work at a running store so I have a lot of shoes...I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Brooks brings back the pureconnect because it's upset so many people. The pureflow is a good alternative though that I've seen a lot of people like now.

    1. Awesome, RocknBlog will be brilliant this year, run all the races! Thanks for providing some hope on the Pure Connects, I had Flows originally so I guess I'll likely be going back to them.


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