49 Days to Marathon - 30k

I had some awesome plans to run 30k on Saturday, we were going to drive out somewhere to change up the scenery.  Friday was my day off so apart from a doctor appointment I didn't do too much.  I didn't feel good at all overnight then Saturday morning I called the 30k because I couldn't imagine running at all.

So what the hell was that?  Well I've been trying to lose weight and this week between adding a fitness class and cutting calories just a little bit I simply didn't have the energy to take on a long run.  I ate well on Saturday and I was surprised to find I felt so much better on Sunday morning.

It was that simple.

I turned to my best friend the treadmill and we got that 30k in.  This is the second time I've run 30k on the TM this year, I did not hate it.  I had all my GU gels, a Larabar and 3 bottles of water right there and 9 hours of music on the playlist.  Sure, I was still staring at the garage wall but I really enjoyed parts of the run.  Not all of it, don't get crazy now.

After that I grabbed all the chocolate milk and watched The Barkley Marathons on Netflix.  Amazing stuff, this is the 100 mile race that's 130 miles.  If you haven't seen it I can't recommend it enough.  It is absolutely fascinating.


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