Recovery? (Week 6)

I have taken it easy since the race on Saturday, my IT band/knee is a ton better as I have been getting to know my foam roller REALLY well.  It's a love hate thing.  Mostly hate.

My calf felt better so I went ahead with my 6th and last XIT class on Wed.  It was good in the class but afterwards it was very tight and felt on the edge of cramping.

Yoga (my last fusion stretch) on Thurs was perfect - we used the foam roller for the entire class which was exactly what I needed.  I'm going to miss this class!

Pathway art
No snow!

On Friday the weather was beautiful and people kept running by the house so I had to go out.  It was so exciting to actually run in shorts!  I ran 8.2k at a 6.44 pace overall.  No trouble from the calf but my knee felt strange.  Not painful though.  It's incredible how quickly the snow and ice has melted off the pathways.  The big hill down to the river is still messy.

 On Saturday I went out with Kev, again in shorts.  It was another beautiful day and we ran 8.5k, this time at a 7.00 overall pace for me.  My calf hurt on the uphills and my knee on the downhills.  Not an ideal state of affairs.

Looking back at my house across the ravine

I'm happy with how those runs went and I still have a week to heal before the Cali double.  I'm not about to pull out so I guess it will be about how everything feels on the day, pacing myself and finishing.

This time last year I was training for my first Half in the Calgary Marathon on May 27th!


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