Week 5 review

This week is a bit different since it has a half marathon at the end!

Tues - went ahead with speed training, 2 x 1200m followed by 4 x 800m all at 6 mins/km.  2 minute walk/light run breaks in between.

Wed - XIT.  Pure hell after the speed training!  Didn't I learn that in week 1?  We got to know our friend the Bosu very well indeed.  It was nice to have something to prop my sweaty forehead on now and again however.

Wed night - Chiro.  My right knee and foot are bothering me.  I may have to spend the rest of the week on the foam roller.

Thurs - Fusion stretch yoga.  This should help all the little aches and pains.  Work is madness right now and taking an hour away to BREATHE is exactly what I need.

That's it until race day Saturday.  I may have overdone things this week a bit but I was enjoying the momentum.

I added a few aspects of the nutrition plan I got over the weekend but race week is not the time to try a whole new plan.  So far I have discovered and love Elevate Me bars and coconut yogurt, baby steps!

I gained a pound last week despite eating well.  I might just have to find what works for me with the help of my shiny new nutritionist.

Race goals

Achievable:  Finish comfortably, have a strong last 5k
Hopeful:  Beat Hypo Half time of 2:20 (6.38 pace)
Madness: A new PR! (currently 2:18:23)

Let's see what 5 weeks of speed training have done for me.


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