Week in review

There goes another week and another month!  February was productive, I trained hard, ran the Hypothermic  Half (my 5th half) and turned 38.  Well maybe that last part isn't so productive.  I officially registered for the Kaua'i Marathon having already booked the flights and condo.

I really enjoyed the speed training this week, we did ladders of 400/600/800/1200/800/600/400 with 400m breaks in between.  Each one has a slightly different speed as per the book.  Everything else also went well, the XIT was hard going in a good way though I had muscle pain for 3 days after it.  Jumping lunges will never be my friends.  Yoga was lovely, we focused on stretching out the IT band which was perfect.  Tempo run was hot and sweaty but I got through it with a couple of breaks.  5k at 6.26 then another 3k at 6.36 with 3k cooldown.  Or not, since it made me even hotter.  I wish the gym would put the temp down.

 I had a long run of 18k or so planned for Saturday so we headed out to Fish Creek in the car.  It will be nice when the ice is gone from our hill so we can just head out right from the house.  Kev had an awesome run of 20k at a great pace but my run went straight to hell.  I ended up with only 9k.  My right knee was bothering me and I couldn't find any energy.  It was just one of those days that sucked.

It did give me some time to take pictures.

There's still a lot of ice on the pathways, so it's hard in parts to keep a pace going.  This contributed to my state of extreme piss off.

I beat myself up about 'failing' in my long run all day yesterday so I'm moving on.  Back to speed training in the gym tomorrow.  Given we're presently in the middle of a blizzard, definitely good timing for an indoor run.  


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