The end of week 4

Monday - speed training in the gym formerly known as Gold's.  5 x 1km at 6 mins/km with 400m rest (light running) intervals.  It was super busy again, and I am becoming suspicious after being back in for a month and not yet seeing evidence of my trainer.   We don't have anything booked but I like to know he's around!

Wed - XIT.  We paired up and alternated cardio with weights.  I discovered what an inchworm is and found many new and painful ways to add plank to cardio work.  (Think travelling across the floor with feet on gliding discs in plank position).  The pain lasted through Friday with lingering issues in the but-tocks through the weekend.

Thurs - A meeting from hell was scheduled over my yoga session so I changed to Full On Core at 1pm.  I was already quite stiff and this was HARD.  I love my instructor though, she also does my yoga class.  The snow started on the way home and a decision was made in the car to skip the tempo session.  I was very pleased with us for not caving in and going to Dairy Queen.

Friday - I had an appointment at the South Health Campus so instead of driving I got my running stuff on and headed out of Cranston and over Deerfoot.  It was windy and icy underfoot, especially on the overpass.  They had to take my blood pressure 3 times to get an acceptable reading.  Running is good for you right?  I got a 6k round trip run in when I think otherwise I'd have had a lazy day.

Sat - Tempo run in the gym.  Freezing hell outside.  I ran about 4k before a toenail started cutting into its neighbour.  I'm having issues with a couple of other nails so that was the end of the tempo run.

The weather was mostly appalling all weekend and the long run didn't materialize.  My next race is on Saturday so consider this TAPERING.

I am starting a new nutrition program on Monday - yes, I finally went to see the nutritionist - so Sunday was spent prepping stuff.  I have some concerns over the amount of items she wants me to include protein powder in as I am not a fan.

No pictures this week!  I was not inspired by the Deerfoot overpass at all.


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