Week 3 in review

Kev trying to find the driveway 

And we're done week 3 of training.  I stuck to the plan again:  the week started with speed training.  6 x 800's in the gym, this is my favourite part of the week even though the gym was super busy and people were practically lining up for treadmills.  That might have been due to the snowy mess outside.

Wednesday was my third XIT session and dare I say I enjoyed it.  We had hard cardio drills to start with resistance bands.  My partner was nasty, I swear she was trying to drag me backward.  Then we rotated around a torture circuit which at least changed up which body part hurt.  I like coming out of a session feeling I've really worked hard.

Yoga was lovely on Thursday, more stretching.  Yes please.  Then we were off to the gym again for a run at short tempo pace.  I ran my distance with no breaks for the first time but cut the cooldown short after my shins started aching.  My right knee is also being difficult.  I don't know if this is down to treadmill running.

Saturday was sunny with blue skies and the day of our long run.  Surprisingly the pathways were a lot clearer than last week even after the 2 snowfalls.  We both changed it up a bit and took the west branch of Fish Creek.  Kev ran 23k and I ran 19.1k.  I'd like to say it was comfortable but parts were a struggle.  Sometimes I just have to focus the next thing instead of the overall distance.  Overall I ran it at my goal half pace plus 15 secs per km.

2 weeks until the next race, hoping my knee is recovered by then.  In the meantime I'll be spending a lot of quality time with my foam roller and chiropractor.  I have also lost 3lbs since starting the new training plan - hurrah!

First sunburn of 2013.  Sigh.


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