A Marmot, Medals & Maui


It was beautiful on the weekend, so hello mountains!  We climbed a peak in the Highwood Pass area and without further waffling here are the pictures:

Making it out to the edge took a while as the sheer rocky dropoffs on either side were making me unhappy.  I got there though.

4 million tiny people are on that path heading into Ptarmigan Cirque.

This little furry guy just popped right up beside me. Too cute!


When we ran Pittsburgh we took our medals to a professional engraver who went on to scratch the absolute crap out of one.  That was enough of that.  iTaB contacted me after the Calgary Marathon; they provide inserts via mail you can attach to your own medal.  Yep, I like that idea much better.  I'm impressed, they look really good.  Although these were provided to me for no charge, they asked for nothing in return.  Two thumbs up for these guys!


Last year we ran the Maui Warrior Challenge and I discovered INKnBURN!  I loved their race top and placed an order for both of us (then my InB shopping kind of spiralled from there).  This year they are doing another unique race top for Maui, you can place a pre-order by August 20 for pickup at the Expo.  If you're running in Maui this year know that you are a lucky person indeed!


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