So This Happened

One of the things I do at work is help with pension for families of employees who pass away in service.  There are far more of these than I ever thought there would be.  Life can be horribly short.  My colleague who also deals with these made a will, I booked another trip.  She is booking a trip after her will is finalized.  We're dealing.

The criteria was simple, Kev worked around his colleagues' schedules and my Fridays off.  We figured this time no running, just a relaxing trip so we booked a long weekend in Vegas.  I love the 100° heat (for periods of no more than 2 weeks).

Then I checked Calico's website just because.  Oh crap.  We booked on the ET Full Moon Marathon weekend.  No running.  We fly back on Sunday morning at 11am so the only possible option is the 5k the night before.  At 1am.  Then we drive back, have a shower and head for the airport. That makes sense right?  I registered anyway. 

We start and finish in Rachel covering a little bit of the 51k course we ran last year.  I can't wait to see the desert again.  That's the last time we try to book a non-running trip!


  1. OMG!! so you ARE running a 5k at 1am in the desert? That's my girl!!!! shit how did I miss this announcement. Perhaps cause you have been holding out on that coffee date. You must fill me in!

    1. Basically, yes. Why the eff not right?! Totally need to catch up!


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