Hiking - Prairie Mountain

The Garmin died halfway down

Approx 7km return           685m elev gain     4.5 hrs (loads of sitting at the summit)    

We decided to add a hike in on Friday afternoon so I looked for something close to home - Prairie Mtn is only a 45 min drive from Cranston.  Passing Bragg Creek on route 66 continue to just past Elbow Falls and pull in at Beaver Lodge (left).  From there cross the highway and head back the way you drove in, cross Prairie Creek then take the first left you see that heads straight up.  It seems there's a few options as we went up one way and came out in another spot.  Up = good.

We hiked in 31° heat so it was a little toasty.  The first part of the trail is lovely then there's a lot of gain over the last 2k.  Most of it looks similar to this:

We stopped when the views opened up to enjoy everything.  There was absolutely no rushing.

After more climbing we left the trees behind and started ascending a lovely open ridge.

The flag marks the summit and the world just opens up.  We have all the mountains!

Kev, looking across a ridge at Moose Mountain.

 There are many adventures waiting to be had in the distance, on another day.

 The summit was warm, deserted and absolutely stunning.  The best part of hiking is the silence where you stop everything and recharge on nature.  I like to stay out there as long as possible indulging in mountain therapy.


    mountain ain't bad either.

    Here I was feeling all "chicken" about this trail...it now appears I MUST do it. say....can I do it without poles??

    1. People on the trail were about 50/50 when it came to poles, I am a total klutz so I definitely need them for the downhill. This is a really nice trail as long as you know there's a wee bit of up - but it's totally worth it. Do it!!

    2. I am soooo doin this. mountain training for insane race coming up

  2. I want to do this mountain! Is it really easy to find? That's my only hesitation.... not finding the trail head. Nothing drives me more crazy than getting lost! lol

    1. Make sure you cross the road then head back the way you came, CROSS THE RIVER, then look for a path that climbs to your left. If you reach a washed out section and you haven't turned, don't continue there's a left branch right there - go up! Seems to be more than one way to get on the trail but the last one is by the wash out :) No problem!


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