Trail Race Added!

Last year Team Confused Moose took on the Grizzly Ultra and this year we are coming back for more!

This time we are channeling our inner superheroes:

Our goal is to beat our 2014 time (6:45) and try out different legs. I'm running 1 & 3 and Kev will run 2, 4 & 5. That evens out the overall distance for us at approx 25km each and happily fits right in with the marathon training plan - more details on that soon!

Once again I would like to request no snow please.


  1. What???? I thought you were done with Grizzly! I hope it's warm for you! It was so chilly last year. I would love to do Grizzly again. It's such a fun race..

    1. Nah, last year I was really tired going in plus I couldn't run in advance as I had got my foot tattoo! Good grief. Time to give it another go :)

  2. It going to be fun. Team Happy Pace will be joining you. Or rather I shall endeavour to chase Kev since those are my legs too. See you there and at the finish.


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