Weeks 3 & 4 and Running at Night

Week 3 ended even at 132.0 lbs, nothing lost nothing gained.  The bathroom scales are not to be trusted so I wasn't too concerned (progress!) as there are so many things that can cause fluctuations I prefer to go on how I feel and how my clothes fit.  Week 4 made up for it with a loss of 1.2 lbs ending on 130.8 lbs.  That is a number I didn't reach AT ALL last year.  That leaves one final week to get to my goal of below 130 lbs.  The plan?  Continue eating less crap, working out and running.  Simple.

Last Friday I took advantage of the warm weather to do my long run at night.  It was around 30° when I left the house but without the sun shining it was bearable.  Kev joined me in case something ate me, we run around Fish Creek usually.  I am so happy my energy problem is gone and I can enjoy all the running.  We got back after midnight with 18k done and a sighting of 2 porcupines.

I took another crap picture of porcupine 2's arse.  If you remember last year we kept spotting these little guys out and about, it's very cool.

Headlamp selfie!  This year I have not had one single mosquito bite from running though I could be poisoning myself slowly with Deet.

One more long run then I have to get packing for the RnR Dublin Half!


  1. Good job on the fat loss. I am afraid to weigh myself. Eating less crap is always the hardest for me! When I am pressed for time etc, I just grab whatever I can and stuff it in my face. Ha ha Do you find it hard to sleep after running so late?>

    1. Buh bye fat! I know I do that too, so I try to have 'better' things handy for grabbing. I'm a night owl, no problem sleeping at all - getting up early not so good!

  2. I need duct tape to diet. le sigh. i love the night run idea. But i cant run in my hood (creepy by the river) alone at night....nee to fina a nice burly hunka burnign love I spose!


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