Week 2, Night Gardening & Thoughts of 26.2

Week 2 of my 'cut out the shit' eating campaign went really well, I am down another 0.8 lbs with only 2 more to lose before the end of the month.  I started a new (extreme) interval training class this week and have resisted all the Stampede 'goodness' so let's keep going eh?  One day at a time, one less cookie at a time, more energy every day.

I need these

I've been planting a couple of flowerbeds in the back yard over the last little while, mostly on weekends or maybe the occasional weeding session post-work.  Then there's my neighbour.  Every night at 9:30 he's outside and I think the bastard is enjoying himself.  The activity continues past darkness towards midnight.  Don't worry though he wears headphones so he can't be disturbed by all the bloody noise he's making.

It took about 3 good runs and Jen's Seattle race report to make me realize I really want to run a marathon this year.  It's hard to describe exactly but there's something absolutely wonderful about that 26.2.  I'm checking out training plans and marathons right now.  In the meantime I'm doing 2 x 20k longer runs to get ready for Dublin in August.  Then we'll see!  If that goes well I feel I'll be in a great place to start training for marathon #4.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather wherever you are!


  1. That thing is creepy!! Good luck with the cut shit out diet. I need to do one of those.

    1. I was picturing loads of them all up the garden, possibly on top of rogue dandelions :)

  2. those are the BEST gnomes EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr and WTF is up with yer neighbour


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