Do Things In Dublin!

I'm getting ready for the next stop on my Rock n Roll 2015 tour!  As part of the Rock n Blog program I was given 3 races but I'm having so much fun I added a couple more myself - Dublin being the first one.  If I manage to organize all the flights, parents and a rental car we should be just fine.

Uh huh. 

After we run the Half, 2 sets of parents will be joining us for the 3km Fun Run.  Knee replacements be damned!  Our team name is 'Friends of Mrs Doyle', we have all the love for Father Ted.  Ah go on.

The race route looks brilliant for giving us a free city tour...Ha'Penny Bridge, running beside the River Liffey, Guinness Brewery, Christ Church Cathedral, Phoenix Park.  Do you think Guinness will provide an aid station?  No?

What with jet lag, all the food I want to eat and the course sights I don't expect a fast race, but I would like to have a steady one since this is going to be the kickoff to marathon training.

I love the T shirt, and here is the upcoming medal haul:

Hello all the medals.

I'm particularly excited about the Expo as I heard a rumour about rhubarb and custard flavor gels being a thing.  Please let it be true.

Race day is August 2nd.


  1. 1. i am heartbroken I do not have a sugar daddy to make this race happen for me.
    2. You are going to have all the fun (and all the feels) especially with all those bloody medals.
    3. I REQUIRE new gel flavour samples. Or purchase and I will love you forever.
    BUGGER. I am gonna miss out on ALL the fun. waaaaaaaaaaaaa... :-) i must live vicariously thru you and the mister.

    1. Boo! Get right on that! I wonder if I'll see anything different and fun at the expo, I'll keep you posted!

    2. there is a website. i wonder if it is blocked at work. SNIGGER.

  2. Woah, that looks fabulous. Bring me back a team Ireland singlet?

    1. Let's see if we make to Dublin via Iceland, Glasgow and Edinburgh first :)


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