Marathon #4

I am officially registered for my fourth marathon.

Yes indeed, Rock n Roll Las Vegas!

My training plan is all set, the first long run being RnR Dublin as it fits with the week 1 distance.  For the first three marathons I ran I followed beginner programs, this time I'm going with intermediate.  It will be from Run Less Run Faster which has always fitted me well.  In this plan I run 30k+ (19+ miles) 4 times and every long run is over 20k (except taper week).

Looking back on my past marathon training it seems I mostly crammed the high volume/longer distances into a 4 or 5 week period.  This time I will follow a cohesive 16 week plan and really see what I can do.  I love running at night, I love running in Las Vegas - this will be crazy and awesome. 

Race Goals

A  -  Sub 5 hours
B  -  PR (under 5:15)
C  -  Make the cutoff points and finish 26.2

As the entire strip is shut down for the race there are strict time cutoff points for the marathon.  I am fully aware of those going in.  I said I wouldn't run another marathon until I could finish under 5 hours and it's time to go get it!


  1. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. You got this bitch! Ha ha (Will you be recording WIAW and the rest of the week?) It's fun to shake up the training plans. Fun!


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