Pounds aff!

So here we are at the end of week 5 and I have hit my goal of making it under 130 (129.6). Holy crap!  Never mind the number on the scales I FEEL GREAT.  Since February I have lost ten pounds, 5 of those in the last 5 weeks.

"lots" apparently

I hate diets and unbalanced eating plans so I don't do them.  I need to have energy to exercise.  In fact my 'diet' is boring as arse, I cut out junk and up the exercise.  I eat carbs and have a day off at the weekend where nothing is off limits.

I've come a long way since the 160 lb 'year of shame' when after moving to Canada I apparently forgot what an oven was and lived on restaurant food.  That was a miserable ass bastard of a year all around.

Here I am not noticing how much weight I've gained and wondering why I can barely climb a hill.

And my goal shorts?  LOVE 'EM!  Can't wait to wear these for my next 'Merican races.


  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal! The shorts look awesome on you too :)

  2. I have previous here too. My trousers fell down at work one time, a happy introduction to the need for new clothes.

  3. Congrats lady! You're inspiring me! I weighed myself last week. I am at 139. I would love to get around the 130-mark. Shorts look great & you look hot! 10 pounds is such a bitch to lose! It doesn't seem like a lot but it can feel like 100 pounds. Way to go!

    1. After the recent trip, I now have to lose it again!


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